eSquare is the world's most powerful tool for e-enabling the educational process. Utilising the Internet,   eSquare creates eSquareworld -an open platform for communication, interaction, co-ordination and supportive team work among students, teachers, parents and the school.This is done by compiling data and information in real time. This library of information regarding each student, each class and every lesson will be accessible to registered members anywhere, anytime.

eSquare is a complete system of software applications and Internet technologies supported by years of research and training. And it enables students, teachers, parents and school play their respective roles in education more efficiently and with less effort.



   In short, eSquare just helps you do better.



      ESquare is an efficient and cost–effective school management system, which helps a school to manage its administrative and curricular activities more effectively and efficiently: It automatically takes the school to the next level.

   ESquare is an efficient and cost–effective school management system, which helps a school to manage its administrative and curricular activities more effectively and efficiently.“Be it admissions, fee collection, daily time tables, examination and other event scheduling, faculty management, library and departmental integration,generating and filing student reports or parent communication, eSquare provides end-to-end solutions for effective and insightful management. eSquare subscription model reduces the requirement of resources with marginal investment and reduced manpower overheads,” this product is running successfully  at many schools in this region.

      Al Osool, which is now the channel partner of eSqaure  in the Sultanate, has successfully providing corporate solutions and corporate trainings in both private and government sector continuously .

        As a web based solution, eSquare provides readily accessible real-time information besides up to  date documentation and reports. It also puts in place customised operational procedures for school management system that is easier to enforce and monitor than people and paper-based systems. eSquare gives more time to focus on the job of making education fun. It makes parent teacher communication much better which dramatically enhances the educational process, resulting in better student morale and performance .

        The solution is suitable for  any curriculum  and can be implemented even from day care to college level with minimum customization  and is designed to be amazingly teacher friendly.

             With eSquare, a teacher has more time to focus on teaching and building meaningful relations between students, parents and the school. eSquare will help the teachers to monitor student performance, communicate with parents, prepare teaching notes, evaluate assignments and do much more with greater efficiency,” . With the software, instant attendance reports, fees collection status, one click staff attendance, marks entry and automatic progress card generation, annual scheduling tools, documentation support, communication tools with SMS alerts, report generation and operational streamlining can be integrated with existing applications.

       Parents are also closely knitted through eSquare in their child’s education through a easy and simple log in from anywhere in the world.

     It helps even the busy parents dramatically increase their participation in their children’s education through better communication. The parents can get online information with regard to progress reports, attendance report, assignments and exam schedules .Even the last minute notices may reach the parents in the form of an SMS. With eSquare, daily student attendance is automatically accessible to the school administration, similarly after paper evaluation marks just need to be entered in the system, it enables you to archive your child’s mark sheets and grades over the years for easy reference and comparison. This helps the parents to monitor and analyse the child’s performance over a period of time, enabling you to quickly identify areas that need attention” .

     Interactive online assignments makes constructive participation less demanding as parents can give their inputs or comments on line. The new way of sharing tasks also helps to strengthen emotional bonds for parents who are away from home often, or for students who live in school hostels.

            Moreover eSquare is  pointing towards green computing that is the need of the hour  and it is highly eco-friendly avoids the paper circulars and paper based assignment s and reduces the overheads to a greater extend.

                eSquare makes a better student community as a result of better parent – teacher student communication. Students can now benefit immensely from the active participation of parents in the whole educational process, and the direct interaction with teachers. eSquare also offers students several features that can help them monitor their performance, coordinate with classmates on shared tasks, start a whole new way of interacting with teachers on line, and above all, utilise the vast potential of internet  technology at an early age,” “ Also solution coming with free access to encyclopedia    Britanica by all students  filterd reelevant to the age category” .