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Osool AL Arabia  trainings are  considered as the backbone of innovation. It grants you training sessions for your staff members, technical & project managers, as well as designers either at the training facility or at your organization. You can develop their capabilities and test how far they can take your business. 
We are dedicated to support the professional growth of individuals and the performance of organizations through state of the art training programs. 
 We  seeks global recognition as world-class provider of customized solutions for improved industry-wide performance,vocational self-sufficiency, and upgraded career opportunities. 

Our Core Values


Ø  Determination,  we cultivate life-long determination
Ø  Diligence, we are persistent to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills and abilities to   perform.
Ø  Organization, we monitor your learning sessions, seminars, and workshops to maintain quality of training.
Ø Originality, we grant you originality in training methods, acquired knowledge, and developed skills. 
Ø  Willfulness, we teach you the will to succeed and accomplish high levels of success.
Ø  Worthiness, we teach you how to value your professional presence in the work place; we nourish your self-sufficiency

In-House Training


Combining to your training needs, our course trainer expertise, and our organizational skills, we are able to provide you with cost training solutions meeting your individual or organizational objectives.
Whether it is group training for a small team or an entire department, Osool  assures your full satisfaction.
Our in-house training offers a variety of advantages, which are represented by the following:
Ø  Customized Training Solutions for any team, department, or organization 
Ø  Flexible training format - training may take place as a single session or multiple sessions delivered over a certain period of time
Ø  Customized scheduled Training 
Ø  Reduced or eliminated travel factor
Ø  Cost-effective
Ø  Immediate apply of theories and training skills
Ø  Confidentiality 
Ø  Team building 

Seminars & Workshops


  Osool offers seminars and prepares workshops throughout the entire year in various fields of studies. Business seminars and workshops are amazingly useful and quite beneficial if used as an effective and instructive medium.
Ø  Provide quality facilitation
Ø  Act as a breakthrough experience with actionable outcomes
Ø  Optimize the environment of global thinking
Ø  Encourage group learning
Ø  Obtain constructive alternatives