Consulting Services

Consulting Services

   Al Osool Arabia has been helping clients develop robust and reusable analytics for five years. Some of our consultants are ex-Big 4, some are qualified accountants, but all are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals.

From simple analytics to continuous controls monitoring, our analysts have wide ranging skills and experiences to ensure a successful outcome for your project. Whether you are in search of co-source agreements or just one off competitive quotes we are flexible. We will set out the facts, talk through the options and come up with a solution that works for you.
Our belief in building relationships and not just delivering work is what makes us unique. We recognize the importance of Customer Service; therefore, even in the most difficult of economic climates, our business grows.
Audit Management Enablement              

We can get you started using audit management software or accelerate the evolution of your current ACL GRC implementation. From setting up your risk assessment to integrating your templates and workpapers right through to exception management workflow and developing dashboards, we implement best practices for audit management.

  • Audit methodology review and adoption
  • System configuration (project language and methodology integration)
  • Integration of ACL Analytics
  • Team training and change management
  • 3,6,12 month process review
 Reporting & Visualization Services

 When it comes to demonstrating value, there is no substitute for a well- designed dashboard. We review your data, your processes and your results then help you develop powerful, easily-understood dashboards that make sharing your team’s work effortless.

  • Results integration, migration, and automation
  • Insight into the “data” about the data
  • Trends and metrics – KPIs
Enablement Services

This is our core consulting capability and the cornerstone of our practice. We get you started by implementing ACL to address your highest-priorities, processes and challenges. Our expertise is in integrating our technology into your environment for maximum benefit. Let ACL experts help you take best advantage of our software right from the start.

  • Industry pain-points and compliance challenges
  • Monitor mitigation efforts and continuous analysis
  • Analytics migration, automation, and integration
  • Exception/results distribution, automation, and management
  • Root cause and trend analysis using system or questionnaire data
 Talent Co-Sourcing

 Need expertise to supplement your own team? We can provide a full or part-time ACL expert to sit in your office, get you through key transitions and peak periods. Whether it’s a stop-gap or recurring service, your ACL knowledge remains constant despite your own turnover.

  • Quarterly testing involving ad-hoc analysis
  • Data investigation and evidence gathering
  • Program management and managed services for your full ACL needs
  • Subject matter expertise team augmentation
  • Change management and coaching
 Process Automation

 Over 25 years, we’ve seen the inside of a lot of departments. We help connect the dots – from your risks and controls to the workflow, analytics, exception management, and reporting required to support your objectives. It’s our mission to create a clear path and appropriate visibility for all stakeholders.

  •  Discovery workshop and implementation roadmap planning
  •  Solution definition and design
  •  Process and activities mapping
  •  Change management and efficiency as well as coverage gains
 Data and Software Migration
Perhaps you are weaning your team off spreadsheets and share drives or you’re considering transitioning away from your current audit management solution. It probably seems daunting. Don’t worry; we do it all the time.
  • Template set up and transition
  • ACL software upgrades
  • Data source system migration management
  • Content migration to ACL from existing system/tool
  • Process and activities mapping and rapid deployment 
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